Welcome to Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff! Here you will find all sorts of goodies for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Feel free to use these and/or distribute them with your Fan Missions.

Fancy lockbox can be used where original is too ugly (houses, banks, etc.).
Use: Dromed or anyone (can be renamed to override the default lockbox, instructions included).

Elegant pushbutton for places where the default one is just too ugly.
Use: Dromed only.

Replacement skins for Vicswitch.
Use: Anyone.

A 5x7 picture frame. Photo is texture mapped separately, so you can use your own picture. Instructions included.
Use: Dromed only.
Note: This is a table-top frame (has a brace in the back and is tilted backwards).

Replacement compass.
Use: Anyone.
Tells you which direction you're facing and fades out in the background.

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