Welcome to Targa's House 'O Thief Stuff! Here you will find all sorts of goodies for Thief 2: The Metal Age. Feel free to use these and/or distribute them with your Fan Missions.

My tutorial on making  jointed objects in 3D Studio Max.

Here's my tutorial on Thief 2 Vision Parameters.

*Note* If you downloaded the bellpulls prior to August 26, there was a missing .gif file. This has been fixed, so please re-download.

Note to Fan Mission authors:
There are probably hundreds of taffers out there who will never even hear about my web site, so please don't let the "Use: Anyone" discourage you from including the objects in your mission(s).

Be sure to check my Original Web Page for lots of custom stuff!

A quick explanation of the terms "Dromed only" and "Anyone" with regard to using the items here on my site: When an object says "Anyone", that means one of two things. Either it has the same exact name as an object in the game, and anyone (player and dromed author alike) can simply place this object and it's associated textures in the correct folders and it will automatically be in the game, replacing the original object. The second thing it can mean is that the object is built for inclusion in fan missions as a custom object, however, I have included instructions in the readme.txt file explaining how a player can install the object in the game to replace an original object (usually just requires renaming the files). "Dromed only" means that it's made for use by Fan Mission authors who must add it to the game via Dromed and a custom gamesys, and is therefore of no use to the average player.

That being said, if a player really likes and object, there is usually a way to include it in the game, although to do this (for a player) it can only be used to replace an original object, and not added in as an extra object. A quick example: Let's say that someone would rather have my "ratchet floor lever" as a game object rather than the default red-handled floor lever. Although I have this listed as "Dromed only", an enterprising player could find out the name of the original object (in this case it would be "lever03"), and rename my object to that name, thereby overriding the default lever. Note that this method may not work for all objects, since many times they require custom game settings, such as a button, lever, or other object with a hinge/axle that's not an exact duplicate of the original object's settings.

Bottom line, if any of that was confusing or english isn't your native language: If you're a Fan Mission author, everything you find on my web pages can be included in your fan mission!

Page One   has the following items:

  • Metal crate
  • Carved wooden chest
  • Metal Footlocker
  • Heart-shaped jewelry box

Page Two  has the following items:

  • Fancy lockbox
  • Elegant pushbutton
  • VicSwitch reskin
  • 5x7 picture frame
  • Magic compass

Page Three   has the following items:

  • Blood healthbar
  • New door
  • Replacement turbine
  • Office chair to match my desk
  • "Daddy longlegs" spider

Page Four   has the following items:

  • Picket fence
  • Ratchet floor lever
  • An armoire
  • A winebarrel
  • Fancy footlocker

Page Five   has the following items:

  • Fat noble
  • Decorative shield
  • A tapestry
  • A crystal ball
  • A lockbox

Page Six   has the following items:

  • Rope ladder
  • AI "boobs" skin
  • Fat maid
  • Hammerite Priestess
  • A pullrope switch
  • A bellpull

Page Seven   has the following items:

  • A silver dagger
  • Steam radiator
  • Overweight female AI
  • Sliding "secret door" cabinet
  • Custom bowsights

Page Eight   has the following items:

  • A cast iron clawfoot bathtub
  • A skinny Hammerite with metal hammer
  • New and improved arrows
  • New arrow crystals
  • Crystal formations (crystal "seeds")

Unindexed stuff:

A quick tutorial on adding a gas trail to your gas arrows, so they're similar to the fire arrow.
Click the picture to go to the tutorial page.
Use: Dromed only.

A new male AI. Ready to be "that guy" in your mission.
Use: Dromed only.

Injured veteran guards (the one on the right is an archer).
Use: Dromed only.

Did you know that there are AI models that are in the game but not to be found in the Dromed Hierarchy?
To access these "hidden" AI, create New in the appropriate category and give them Shape > Name as follows:
Sword Guards: swgd101,swgd103, swgd104, arhswd01, arhswd02 (female).
Archer: swgd102
Prisoners: prism01, prism02, prism03, prisw01 (female).
Giant Spider: spidbea (red skin)
Mage (priest): fmage (this must be extracted from mesh.crf on CD1)
TreeBeast: trebeasg (has red eyes)
Model names of unique game citizens:
Basso, bcavador, copmos, garrett, jenv, karras, pirate, paganm03.

"Minimalist" magic compass. Tells you which direction you're facing, rotates out of sight faster than my other magic compass, and uses a more muted texture. Simple installation, drop-in replacement for the original.
Use: Anyone.

Four new scrolls. Burned, dagger-stuck, nailed, and Hammerite nailed. Matching 640x480 pcx files included for "book.pcx" readable.
Use: Dromed only.

Crate with rope spools. Great for hiding rope arrows, or just to decorate a storage room.
Use: Dromed only.

10 foot chain. Use for decoration or create under PlacedRope for climbing.
Use: Dromed only.

Female AI. Housewife, maid, cook, whatever...
Use: Dromed only.

New undead guy. Instructions included to make spellcaster.
Use: Dromed only.

New undead guy with a human femur as a weapon.
Use: Dromed only.

Female aristocrat from TDS. A few physique tweaks and alot of texturing.
Use: Dromed only.

Bathtub faucet and pipes to go with my clawfoot bathtub.
Use: Dromed only.

A tobacco pipe. Use as decoration, or attach to an AI and make 'em smoke it (instructions included).
Use: Dromed only.

Relatives are here to visit for the next ten days, so new objects may be a bit slow being uploaded.

More to come!

All objects found on these pages are copyrighted by me, Targa, and may be used freely by Fan Mission authors and Thief2 players, as long as they are not used or sold commercially, either separately or as part of a package.