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Quick guide to giving your gas arrows particle effects like the fire arrow.

Open the Object Hierarchy to SFX > GasFX > CloudFX > AirCrystalCloud (-3473)
Highlight AirCrystalCloud and click the Add button, and type in GasArrowTrail.
Double-click GasArrowTrail and click Add > SFX > Particle Launch Info
and Add > SFX > Particles. This will give you copies of the default SFX for
the gas crystal.

Double-click your Particles info and change:
Number of Particles 100
Size of Particle 0.40
Velocity 2,2,2
Gravity Vector 0,0,0

Click OK and double-click your Particle Launch Info.
Launch Type: sphere
Max Radius 1.00
Velocity Max: 0.5, 0.5, 0
Min Time: 1
Max Time: 3
Click OK.

Add > Links > Particle attachment
Click the Add button and enter the following:
Flavor: ParticleAttachment (NOT the one with the ~)
From: GasArrowTrail (insert the number here)
To: GasArrow (-2531)

That's all there is to it! You now have a nice gas effect when a gas arrow is fired. Don't forget to save your gamesys.

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