Targa's Custom Arrows for Thief 2

I've been working on these for a couple of weeks, and have had much anxiety and apprehension over the designs (of these, as well as my forthcoming "crystals" upgrade). By far the most frustrating one was the fire arrow. I originally had a nice red fire-looking arrow, until I realized that almost all Fan Mission authors place fire crystals near fires, and that fires in Thief2 are yellow, not red. It's also the most radical design change among them, but in my defense, I'd remind you that the arrow "grows" from a magic crystal, so it should look the same as the water, gas, and moss arrow. I followed this same logic with the moss arrow, and replaced the round tip with a "crystal" tip. The water, fire, and gas arrows are also semi-transparent, again going along with the magic theory and that among the arrows, earth (moss) is the only solid. As an aside, for any who didn't know, the arrows are supposed to represent the magic of earth, air, water, and fire. If you look closely, you can see that the rope arrow has a harpoon/grapple-like head. :)

Unfortunately, the designers of Thief2 used the default "arrow" model (the one used for the broadhead) for the rope arrow also. For that reason, the rope arrow could not be a "drop in" replacement, as the others are. To use the rope arrow, I've created a copy of the original gamesys, Dark.gam, and changed the name of the model used for the rope arrow. Due to the size of Dark.gam (1.3 megs), I've placed the rope arrow and Dark.gam in a separate zip file. This will allow those with dial-up or other slow connections to at least get the other arrows, and those who aren't comfortable with changing the gamesys will have the same option. Note though that it's as simple as renaming your original Dark.gam and installing mine. I hope you use and enjoy my custom arrow models!

Download the gas, vine, water, moss, and fire arrows here.

Download the rope arrow and Dark.gam here.

Fan Mission authors: Download the rope arrow without the 1.3 meg gamesys here.

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